Friday, February 15, 2008

A Serious Interview with Kennett Peterson

1) name?

Kennettron 5000

2) date of birth/ location?

I was assembled in 1985 in a top secret laboratory.

3) how long have you been riding?

Two years.

4) racing cat.?

5) First bike race and how did you place?

My first race was Cherry Pie in 2006. Somehow I found myself in the lead break away and I won.

6) first bike?/ current bike?

Trek 2200. Ruby red. And it was AWESOME. Then I got, and currently ride, a Kona Zing Supreme, which always makes me hungry for a bean burrito at Taco Bell.

7) Who's cooler Indian Jones or Han Solo? Why?

Indiana Jones is much cooler than Han Solo because he's an advocate for science and discovery, where as Han Solo is sleazy and self-centered. Plus Indiana Jones gets the ladies. And a whip.

8) Goals for the year?

My goals for this year are pretty high. I would like to upgrade to cat I and get on a pro or developmental team by the end of the summer. I also want to see the UofO team make it to Nationals and place someone in the top three for the crit and road race. I'd also like to see the new UO riders dominate the C and B collegiate races, then dominate the cat 4 field during the OBRA races. This horde of new riders should kick some serious ass come next year when they're all cat 3s racing for Life Cycle.

9) favorite prerace food?

Oysters in clam sauce .

10) energy drink?

Pickle juice.

11) whats in your i-pod right now?

What's in my ipod? Probably a mother board, a battery, and a bunch of wires. Last time I took an ipod apart, I kind of messed it up so I actually haven't taken my current one apart. I have a sneaking suspicion that this current ipod may contain an army of super genius orchestra ants. So I occasionally dip my ipod in honey to keep them motivated and singing in tune.

12) When you're not riding your bike what are you doing?

Chances are I'm either eating, sleeping, pooping, or day dreaming about horses. I also spend WAY too much time at Life Cycle, where I earn no wages. I'm also a journalism major, so I like to write. I'm currently writing the first auto biography of Thomas Edison.

13) You spent some time in AZ this winter--how was that?

Arizona was awesome. I went with two friends, one on the UofO/Life Cycle team--Tony, and my triathlete roommate--Erich. We put a lot of miles in our legs under a warm sun and we ate a lot of ham. The first ham we cooked was a little burnt, but still tasty. The second ham was much better. It was moist and mouth wateringly good. As for the riding, Tony and I did between 50 and 60 hours for the two weeks we were there, which gave us a good head-start on our base miles. I'm looking forward to heading back there again next winter because it feels amazing to get out of the dark rain of Oregon during December.

14) What are the names of the four ghostbusters?

Brian, Mark, Jenkins, and Gertrude.

15 Anything thing else you'd like as well?

I'd like to end this interview with one last thought: Gilad is ugly.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Introducing the new Life Cycle Bike Shop Team, sponsored by Life Cycle Bikes in Eugene, Oregon. We'll be racing our hearts out and taking names along the way this year. Stay tuned as we build up this page (and the team) with results, interviews, and all the irrelevant information that we cyclists can somehow spend hours pouring over. Life Cycle Bike Shop, burninating the competition.